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  • Footwear Santizing Mats

    Rs. 3,785

    Dimension:- 1220 X 914 X 36 mm Weight withstanding capacity 200kg Can hold 3.8 litres/ 1 gallon of sanitizer Incredible tensile strength Resist ch...

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  • V-95 Reusable Mask

    Rs. 72

    Reusable & washable face mask universal fit 3 ply with nose pin Elastic ear loop Imported synthetic mesh fabric with centre layer Melt blown F...

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  • Cardboard Beds for COVID-19

    Rs. 1,750

    1. Easy to assemble  2. Light Weight  3. 50% cost effective than Iron bed 4. Quick and Fast 


    Rs. 259

    SITRA approved fabric PPE KIT CONTENTS: Coverall with Hood-70 GSM+20 GSM Lamination 3 Ply Face mask Hand gloves Waste bag

  • Reusable Mask

    Rs. 50

    A reusable filtering mask with two layers of filter media, sewn into middle of the mask, and not replaceable: a carbon filter Highly efficient par...

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  • Yellow dustbin

    from Rs. 1,175

    Yellow dustbin for COVID Waste. Suitable for all biomedical waste such as PPE Kits, Masks, Gloves etc. Available in three capacities: 80,100 and 1...

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  • K95 Mask

    Rs. 85

    Premium disposable protective mask Tested to reduce exposure to airborne contaminants  Keep in car or bag for emergencies  Ideal for use when shop...

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