Material Handling

  1. Buy Plastic Crates Online

    CRATES LID (Pack of 10)

    ₹ 1,490.00
    • High quality Plastic used for manuafcturing crate lids.
    • Highly durable,good strength.
    • Easy to fix and remove.
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  2. 3M Carpet MedDuty

    3M Carpet MedDuty

    As low as: ₹ 8,925.00

    • Carpet MedDuty 6500, Grey, 0.9m x 1.5m, 4/ctn
    • Carpet MedDuty 6500, Grey, 1.2m x 1.8m, 4/ctn
    • Carpet MedDuty 6500, Grey, 1.2m x 3m, 4/ctn
    • Carpet MedDuty 6500, Grey, 0.9m x 3m, 4/ctn
    • Carpet MedDuty 6500, Grey, 1.2m x 18m, 1/ctn
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  3. Cushion Door Mats

    Cushion Door Mats

    As low as: ₹ 176.00

    Our mats are highly demanded in malls, hotels, restaurants, offices and homes. These mats are made from high grade raw material and advance machines.


    • Rugged design
    • Longer life
    • Smooth finish
    • Light weight
    • Water resistance
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  4. Chair wheels 20-40kg load capacity

    Chair wheels 20-40kg load capacity

    ₹ 880.00
    • Suitable for all type of chairs.
    • Different type of fastening available.
    • Made up of high quality virgin raw material.
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    ₹ 2,650.00
    • Hanging series aluminium frame-light weight.
    • Acrylic resin coated steel surface.
    • Accepts magnets.
    • Adjustable magnetic Sunday blocks in red colour.
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  6. Boom Stacker

    Boom Stacker

    As low as: ₹ 82,125.00

    • Semi-automatic and manual boom stacker
    • Loading and unloading.
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    ₹ 73,200.00
  8. White 2 step stool

    White 2 step stool

    ₹ 1,539.00

    This stylish 2 tread aluminium step ladder is perfect for home use – helping you get to out of reach places around the house, such as lightbulb fittings and tall cupboards. Its folding design means that it is extremely portable and it folds flat for easy storage in your home, yet its sturdy, functional design means that you can be sure of its safety.

    With a short handrail, this super compact option is perfect for stowing away in even the smallest of apartments.

    • Safe: Built from high quality aluminium, this ladder is strong and sturdy. It has a wide platform and a tall knee guard to prevent falls, slip-resistant rubber feet, and a wide base for stability.
    • Portable: Portable and lightweight, this ladder can easily be moved around the house or carried in a vehicle.
    • Compact: Short handrail and a folding design make it easy to store arounf the home
    • Colourful: Perfect for anyone who takes pride in their home: pick the perfect colour to match your decorations.
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  9. Platform Lifters

    Platform Lifters

    ₹ 37,575.00
    • Special design combines lifting, transporting and stacking function together.
    • Smooth operating foot pump
    • Pressure / overload valve
    • Smart chromium plated frame
    • Powder coated platform
    • Smooth running bracket steering wheels
    • Safe parking in any situation with mechanical parking brake.
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  10. Dust Buster Aluminium Matt

    Dust Buster Aluminium Matt

    ₹ 2,612.00

    Recessed Aluminium Matting adds to your 'Business' overall appearance, cleanliness, customer satisfaction and safety. Our Dust - Buster Recessed Aluminium Matting is ideally suited for traffic areas and also keeps floors clean & dry by providing exceptional wiping/scraping action. These aluminium profiles are Antirust and can be concealed inside the flooring, which gives an excellent look to the entrance area. Montreo Carpet inside the aluminium profile prevents fine dust particles and moisture from entering inside the door.


    • Position of Matting : Inside/Foyer Area
    • Application : Recess Type
    • Profile Height : 14.5 mm
    • Profile Width : 31.5 mm
    • Total Height : 19.5 mm
    • Carpet Thickness : 12 mm
    • Connected : By circle link
    • Crush Resistance : 1000 Kg/sqm
    • Recommended Recess Depth : 19 mm (+/-2mm)
    • Colours : Code 5014 B - Brown, Code 5014 G - Grey
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