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Shelving systems for Warehouse Bins with Doors-Light grey

Rs. 25,999
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  • Safe:Built from high quality aluminium, this ladder is strong and sturdy. It has a wide platform and a tall knee guard to prevent falls, slip-resistant rubber feet, and a wide base for stability.
  • Portable:Portable and lightweight, this ladder can easily be moved around the house, and its compact folding design means it can be stored away when not in use.
  • Colourful:Perfect for anyone who takes pride in their home: pick the perfect colour to match your decorations.


Item Code Size Bin size (L_H_W) Bins MOQ Price QTY Add To Cart
MHSSSD129030D 1275X900X300 315(L) - 150(w) - 110(H) Total 72 Nos 1 25,999
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MHSSSD129050D 1275X900X500 515(L) - 220(W) - 135(H) Total 40 Nos 1 28,999
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MHSSSD1290D 1275X900X300 315 (L) - 100 (W) - 60 (H) Total 162 Nos 1 29,999
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MHSSSD189030D 1875X900X300 315(L) - 300(W) - 315(H) Total 39 Nos 1 34,199
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MHSSSD189050D 1875X900X500 515(L) - 300(W) - 135(H) Total 39 Nos 1 42,999
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MHSSSD239030D 2375X900X300 315(L) - 150(w) - 110(H) Total 90 Nos 1 46,999
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MHSSSD239060D 2375X900X600 615(L) - 300(W) - 135(H) Total 39 Nos 1 57,299
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