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Shelving systems for Warehouse Bins without Doors-Light grey

Rs. 25,343
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  • Shelving system are fully enclosed and are designed to suit your ever changing needs.
  • The flexibility of the product accomodates additions or alterations at any stage, with a minimum of fuss or disruption to your day to day operation.
  • They are manufactured in 0.8mm CRCA steel and are duly powder coated in light grey colour.


Item Code Size Bin size(L_H_W) Bins MOQ Price QTY Add To Cart
MHSSSS1290 1275X900X300 315 (L) - 100 (W) - 60 (H) Total 108Nos 1 25,343
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MHSSSS129030 1275X900X300 315(L) - 150(w) - 110(H) Total 48Nos 1 20,825
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MHSSSS129050 1275X900X500 515(L) - 220(W) - 135(H) Total 28Nos 1 24,834
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MHSSSS189030 1875X900X300 315(L) - 300(W) - 315(H) Total 21Nos 1 26,099
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MHSSSS189050 1275X900X500 515(L) - 300(W) - 135(H) Total 28 Nos 1 34,727
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MHSSSS239030 2375X900X300 315(L) - 100(w) - 60(H) Total 207 Nos 1 37,697
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MHSSSS239060 2375X900X600 615(L) - 300(W) - 135(H) Total 39 Nos 1 24,002
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